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GSE provides Land Surveying, Civil Engineering, Land Use Planning, and Project Management to the Pacific Northwest.
Gray Surveying. Full service Civil Engineering, Land Surveying and Project Management.
Depend on Gray Surveying & Engineering Inc. For all of your project needs.

About GSE

A land developer in the 21st Century faces a series of critical decisions, especially in the early stages of a project. Our goal is to help the developer make the correct decisions to produce a well designed and cost effective project.

Gray Surveying & Engineering, Inc. (GSE) offers a full range of consulting services in an effort to quickly identify potential costly problems and to develop a plan of action to keep the project on track and on budget.

  • We can help you determine the feasibility of a potential project
  • We can help to resolve permitting and approval issues
  • We design our plats and site plans with practical knowledge and a focus on the community
  • We engineer utility systems to be cost-effective and functional for the present and future
  • Our surveyors use state-of-the art technology for fast and cost effective construction
Land Surveying

GSE's land surveying staff has many years of experience in all facets of land surveying. We are equipped with the latest technology and our operation is organized to provide efficient land surveying services.

Land Use Planning

Our primary focus on your project will be to assess the site's development potential and constraints in order to create concerted development strategies and cost effective design plans.

Civil Engineering

Your project will be designed so that it can be constructed efficiently and economically. We maintain a goal to develop construction plans that are so efficient that construction savings of at least our total fee can be realized when compared to designs produced by competing firms.

Project Management

Effective project management is the key to a successful land development project. Your project manager will be a principal in the company with a focus on giving their full attention to client service.